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Haven Homes was created to offer homeowners the confidence, respect and comfort they need when wanting a quick, stress-free, cash offer. When price, time and performance are homeowner’s main concerns, Haven Homes excels.

We love providing industry leading service, extreme transparency and homeowner satisfaction. Our high-performance track record shows we create win-win agreements with homeowners that end in hugs and handshakes rather than the often industry-standard let down. We do this by listening to you, evaluating your property and communicating our best offer to you.

Whether we buy your home or not, we enjoy giving homeowners sound advice to avoid the common but unnecessary pitfalls of selling a home. Our motto is simple, “if it’s a deal for you and a deal for me, that’s a good deal”.

Saving time with Cash Offers

Haven Homes provides homeowners with cash offers direct in order to save time, money and hassle.

Saving You Time

Too much of your time is spent getting a home ready to list on the market. Once on the market, it sits on average between 60-90 days, followed by a 30-45 day escrow period. We help you avoid this 4+ month long process by giving you a cash offer on Day 1. We can close in as little at 5 days or on your timetable. If we buy your home you’ll save 95% of your time.

Saving You Money

Listing a house is expensive. How expensive? Real estate agent commissions along with closing costs add up to around 8% of your list price. This is not including any requested repairs or low appraisal evaluations. We provide you with a fair cash offer AND pay your closing costs.

Saving You Hassle

You don’t need to worry about any repairs, cleaning, signs in the front yard, appraisals, open houses, escrow cancellations or strangers walking through your home. We are your solution to alleviate these many pain points.

With 30+ years of local experience please meet our team

Since 2005, the team at Haven Homes have worked with 1,500+ homeowners to successfully sell their home.
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The Traditional Way of Selling a Home

The Traditional Way of Selling a Home

Selling your home the traditional way can be a long and complicated process. Before you can list your home, you must find an agent you can trust to sell your home at a marketable price and prepare your home to be sold. Between repairs and negotiations, the usual way of selling a home often minimizes your opportunity for profit and leaves you at the mercy of the buyer.

The Wholesale Way of Selling a Home

The Wholesale Way of Selling a Home

Real estate wholesalers take advantage of motivated sellers by brokering a deal on their behalf. A wholesaler works to find a buyer willing to purchase the home at a higher price than the agreed upon cost. This profit is retained by the wholesaler, leaving the original owner with the minimum asking price once all the negotiations are closed.

The Haven Homes Way of Selling a Home

The Haven Homes Way of Selling a Home

Working with our team, you avoid the hassle and unknown of listing a property. We skip the extra maintenance and negotiations, saving you time and money. When you are ready to sell, whatever the reason, we are ready to help you. Our experts will evaluate your home and offer you the best cash value within a matter of days. Simple as that.

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